Graduated in plectrum instruments, he has toured France, Japan, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany. He has taken several advanced courses with outstanding professors (Pedro Chamorro, Caridad Simón, Jorge Casanova), and has performed under the direction of great personalities of the European plectrum, such as Sylvain D’Agosto (France), Claudio Mandonico (Italy), Pedro Chamorro ( Spain) or Assen Dimitrov (Bulgaria).

He takes directing courses with Andrés Tolcachir, Enrique García Asensio, Miguel Rodrigo, José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana and Francisco Melero.

To date, he has made numerous recordings with different formations and styles (classical, pop-rock, folk, traditional,…) and has been invited as solo bandurria by several orchestras.

As a composer, he won the Matilde Salvador prize, awarded by the “El Micalet” society in Valencia, and the first prize in the “Ciudad de Logroño” International Composition Contest. He has published several works and studies for plectrum instruments.

He is currently director of the Daniel Fortea lute orchestra (Nules) and honorary director of the Ciutat de Cullera orchestra.