He is a composer, guitarist and music producer.

Musician with a markedly self-taught training, his training includes classical and modern guitar studies, harmony and counterpoint, modern harmony and Jazz, improvisation, sound engineering and music production.

A versatile creator, his musical production ranges from concert works to electronic music, going through genres as diverse as pop, rock, folklore, soundtracks, children’s music or author songs.

Much of this creative diversity is due to a marked activity as a composer of music for image, a medium in which he has worked in multiple formats and genres such as documentaries, cinema, spots, theater, circus and animation.

Parallel to this activity, he has been working on a guitar music repertoire made up of original works and arrangements for solo guitar, duets, quartets and chamber groups.

Developing himself into the figure of composer-performer, for some periods he has appeared in public performing concert programs consisting exclusively of his works.

As a result of this work as a composer, the “Semana Tárrega” guitar festival recently commissioned him for a work for a guitar quartet in homage to F. Tárrega, which will be premiered in the 2020 edition. Also this year he was commissioned for the composition of which will be a required work in the “I International Guitar Competition Ciudad de Mula 2021”.

Currently he stands out internationally as a sound engineer and producer specializing in recording for classical guitar, having worked with a large number of guitarists, many of them first class. Some of his works have been published by the prestigious Naxos record label and competitions such as the Francisco Tárrega International Competition in Benicassim, the Llobet Competition in Barcelona and the José Tomas Villa de Petrer Competition count on him to carry out the recordings included in his awards.

Many of these works are published under his own record label «JSM Records» of which he is founder and director.