Santiago Canals begins his guitar studies with Professor Ricardo Gonzalez Longo and Lutheria with Master Reno Rios, both of whom will guide and support him throughout his academic studies.

In 1996 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UNLP, where he obtained the title of “Superior Professor of Guitar” in 2002 and the Title of “Bachelor of Music” in 2003. Parallel to his studies, he continues developing his experience in different luthiery workshops.

In the year 2000 he received a scholarship from the Embassy of Spain to attend the International course of interpretation of Spanish music “Música en Compostela”.

After completing his university studies, in 2003 he was awarded a scholarship by the “Carolina Foundation” to take the “Postgraduate Course in Musical Improvement” at the Liceo Conservatory in the city of Barcelona, ​​and it is in this city where he finished his training as a luthier with Maria Cecilia Saenz Rols in the workshops of Don Raúl Yague Diez and Juan Antonio Reyes Torres.

In 2003 he inaugurated the “Santiago de Cecilia” Guitar Workshop together with María Cecilia Saenz Rols, dealing with modern techniques at the service of the warmth of the classical concert guitar, the workshop is located within the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona .

Due to his extensive experience in guitar construction courses, in 2016 he was selected by the Spanish Ministry of Education to be part of the group of teachers who will develop the study plan for the Lutheria career.